'Opera i bawb; opera yn y Gymraeg'

The company creates Welsh adaptations that tour theatres and community halls across the county promoting opera, promoting young Welsh talents, and more than anything else, promoting Welsh as the natural choice for opera.

Our Story

OPRA Cymru was founded in July 2008 by a former director at the Royal Opera House, Patrick Young, in an concert in Pontrhydfendigaid on the 21st of June, 2009. The company's intentions from the start were clear, bringing opera to everyone's reach, by offering it in Welsh.

During the 8 years that followed the first concerts, the company has presented seven operatic cannons, all performed in Welsh. The company's first tour was a production of Carmen for school halls, with three singers and a digital piano, now the company has grown, traveling to venues like Taliesin in Swansea and Pontio in Bangor with a band of ten musicians. 

The company has launched a variety of programmes, including a programme offering the chance for school pupils to learn technical skills linked to producing an opera; and a programme for Promising Artists, training and performance opporunities for young Welsh singers.

Wythnos yng Nghymru Fydd was OPRA Cymru's first premiere production of a Welsh opera. The show was awarded 'Best Production in the Welsh Language' in the 2018 Wales Theatre Awards.